Registration is being dealt with by a dedicated service of Lyon 1 University, on the companion website:

Warning: the website you are currently visiting ( is dedicated to scientific matters (in particular, submission of abstracts), while the companion website ( is in charge of logistic matters (in particular, payment of registration fees). They are separate, and administrated by different people. This means that login/password to connect on these websites ARE NOT the same.

All participants must register on

In addition, all speakers are requested to submit their abstract through this sciencesconf interface, see Instructions for authors for more details.  


Regular fee

  • Early registration, prior to May 30, 2015: 250 €
  • Late registration, from May 31, 2015: 350 €

Student fee

  • Early registration, prior to May 30, 2015: 150 €
  • Late registration, from May 31, 2015: 230 €

Student fee is for PhD students and post-docs who defended their thesis no sooner than 2014.


Registration fees include lunch and coffee breaks. They do not include accommodation. A list of hotels is displayed on this page on the companion website.

People who are anxious to anticipate their stay in Lyon may browse the city's website. In particular, they can make an idea of the cost of accommodation in Lyon's hotels on this page.

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